Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making our journey through life...

“We can liken our situation to a journey by a boat over treacherous water.  God has given each of us his own boat, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and has also supplied us with a rudder, the promptings of the Holy Ghost.  The dangerous journey we must make is our trip through mortality… God has provided us with the essentials (for example, gospel principles) for a safe journey, but we must learn to take an active part in order to captain the boat (work out our own salvation) and to use the rudder (listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost).  Just as a rudderless boat may wander, so also we may wander when we fail to follow the promptings of the Spirit.  And just as we must learn to control the course of our boat by corrections with the rudder, so must we learn to maintain the directions of our…life through constant corrections (repentance).  Through these corrections we can keep on a straight, efficient course for our home port, the celestial kingdom.”

- From the book ‘How to Make A Good Mission Great’

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