Friday, September 28, 2012

General Conference - Listen to the Prophet

For upwards of three months I have been listening to LDS General Conference talks as I drive, or on walks, or in my free-time.  If you do not know what General Conference is, it is an event that takes place twice a year as the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teach the members of the Church (and all others that want to listen).  If you do not know what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is, you can chat with people that will be happy to tell you all about it by clicking the first link at the bottom of this page.

I began with listening to the speakers that I know and am familiar with already, such as:  Bruce R. McConkie, Marvin J. Ashton, Marion G. Romney, Gordon B. Hinckley, etc.  You may notice that the prophets and apostles listed above are people that have already died.  The reason being that they can give no more talks and so I can make a list of all their talks and not have to worry about adding on to it every once in a while.  But this week, as I finished the previous set of talks, I decided to begin listening to President Thomas S. Monson's talks, the current living prophet of the Church.  What I did not realize when I made this decision is that he has given over two hundred talks and devotionals, and has been speaking in General Conferences since the 60's.  But upon listening to the first few of them it is now okay with me that there is a lot of them.  In fact, it is great because he has such a warm voice and wonderful messages.  I'm sure, just like all of those before, I'm going to wish there were more when I finish.  Thankfully this time there will be, as he is still alive and will be giving many more talks as prophet of the Church.

For those that read this page this week, he will indeed be giving a few more in just a week or two at the quickly approaching Conference.  If you would like to watch this upcoming conference you can find out how by clicking the second link at the bottom of the page.  And if you want to know about the man, Thomas S. Monson, simply click on the third link below.

And now, in parting, I share a video of some past Conference messages by President Monson.  Enjoy!

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